How Dessie is Reaching Her Blood Sugar & A1c Goals with the Help of Muniq

An image of a facebook post showing lower blood sugar results

Dessie has dealt with diabetes for over 20 years and is always looking for ways to improve her health. When she discovered Muniq, her goal was to lose some weight and get her A1c under 6. Quickly realizing that Muniq’s approach to help improve blood sugar by way of a healthy gut could help her in more ways than one, Dessie drank her shake every day.

After consistently having her Shake-A-Day, Dessie was amazed to discover her fasting blood sugar fell below 140 for the first time in her life and remains lower than ever. As an active member in the Muniq Lifers Community, she finds motivation and encouragement from the other members who are taking back control of their health just like her. 

At her most recent doctor’s appointment, she was THRILLED to learn that her A1c dropped from 7.2 to 6.9! Even her cholesterol went down from 260 to 215. Way to go, Dessie!

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