John Loves His Muniq Morning Coffee Fix with Gut-Healthy Prebiotic Fiber

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Like most of us, John is busy.

So when he decided to try Muniq every day for three weeks, he was excited about the possibility of saving time in the mornings.

Who actually has the time and energy to cook a full breakfast, make a pot of coffee, clean up all the dishes, and actually eat before work anyway?

It was with the prospect of saving time that John cheerfully dived into his first Muniq trial.

But the real winner for him?

John tested his blood sugar for the first time in his life. He was pleasantly surprised to find that after drinking Muniq, his blood sugar levels dropped. While he does not have diabetes, John knows that we all need to keep an eye on blood sugar levels these days and was intrigued by his results.

“Muniq will definitely help people who have blood sugar issues. I never tested my blood sugar before so that was pretty cool to see it drop!”

Overall, John was over the moon excited about the combination of coffee plus chocolate that kept him full:  

“Mocha Latte not only gave me my coffee fix for the day, but it also tasted great. Chocolate and coffee that keeps you full for 3-4 hours!? Yeah!”

Turns out, combining your morning coffee fix with gut-healthy prebiotic fiber was just the thing John [didn’t even know he] was looking for to help make his day run smoother. 

Want to experience some Muniq morning magic too?

Check out our Mocha Latte flavor!

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