Sharon Finally Fit into Her Favorite Jeans with Muniq!

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Like many of us, Sharon’s got a lot to manage with her day-to-day routine. As a vegan/vegetarian woman in her early 40s, Sharon’s busy career in the event industry means she’s often on the go and doesn’t always have the chance to put herself first when it comes to health and fitness. Her family has a history of blood sugar and cardiovascular conditions – two things that really concerned Sharon.

Though Sharon’s worked hard on her fitness journey and lost some weight through exercise, she knows how important gut health is and wants to use clean and healthy products that get her closer to her overall goals and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions later on in life.

Her brother’s recent diagnosis of being pre-diabetic was a wake-up call for her to start paying more attention to blood sugar levels, too. With the introduction of Muniq shakes into her daily routine, Sharon noticed the increase to her energy levels after workouts as well as her reduced blood sugar levels. The plant-based chocolate shakes have helped her stay full while also slimming down her waistline (and helping her fit into her favorite jeans) in just two weeks – something she’s super thrilled to experience!

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