How Aishah Lost 10 pounds and Lowered Her Blood Sugar!

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Recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, Aishah didn’t want to spend the rest of her life taking medication or pricking her finger all the time to check her blood sugar levels. The thought of having to do that multiple times a day gave her the drive and motivation to focus on her lifestyle and take back control of her health.  

In her 50s, Aishah wants to thrive and live her best life – so growing old and managing declining health issues isn’t something that she wants to let happen. Once she made the commitment to lead a healthier life, there was no stopping her! Through exercise alone, she wasn’t really seeing the results she wanted so she decided to incorporate Muniq shakes into her daily routine. That’s where she (and everyone around her) started to notice the results.

Aishah loves her vegan shakes and within a few days, she noticed the impact the shakes were having on her blood sugar levels – even her doctor was impressed with how well she was doing in a short amount of time. With each check, her levels were lower across the board and in just a few weeks dropped an amazing 10 pounds. Muniq has done more than just helped her blood sugar levels; it’s also helped regulate her digestive system and improve overall gut health – two things she’s struggled with in recent years along with blood sugar levels.

Through Muniq, Aishah feels like a healthy lifestyle is super attainable and something she wants to continue with for a lifetime!

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