Julie S. Got Her Blood Sugar Under 100 for the First Time in Years

An image of a happy Muniq female customer

Julie S. started drinking Muniq with very little faith that it would actually work for her.

After all, at 50 years old, she’d tried so many things in the past. And she’d even been exercising more and was keeping her diet in check more than she’d ever been in her life…only to see her A1C climb to the highest it had ever been.

Talk about frustrating! Julie was disheartened and had lost hope when she decided to give Muniq a shot (with very low expectations). But after just three weeks of drinking Muniq daily, she woke up one morning feeling great — and decided to test her blood sugar.

She was shocked when it was 91.

After all, she hadn’t had a fasting blood sugar under 100 in years.

After 4 months of drinking Muniq every day, she returned to her doctor, and her A1C had incredibly dropped from 7.5 to 6.9!

The best part? Julie doesn’t think of Muniq as a “diet,” or something to just power through and choke down. She actually looks forward to her morning shake.

And we look forward to seeing even more amazing results from you, Julie!

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