“I feel healthier than I have in a LONG time.” — Muniq Lifer Laura T.

A twitter style quote about blood sugar success

Muniq Lifers Community Member Laura T. had been struggling with her health and blood sugar issues for a long time. But when she finally saw her doctor and found out her A1C was 9, she knew she had to make a change.

Looking for a natural solution, Laura found Muniq shakes and LOVED the taste right off the bat. That was big for her, as she knew she’d be able to commit to drinking just one Muniq shake a day, knowing that it was something tasty she could look forward to.

Fast forward to a few months of drinking Muniq every day, Laura’s success can be described in one word: “YEAHHHH!” Her fasting blood sugar came down into the 120s from highs of 300-400, and her A1C came down to around 7 after just a few months. Even her doctor was onboard saying, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

Watch Laura’s full story!

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