Join the May Daily Muniq Community Challenge

Muniq founder and CEO smiling and pointing to muniq shakes and new muniq products - empowerfull and bars
Are you ready to nail down you daily Muniq habit, reboot your metabolism, and experience some amazing results in the process?! If so, then our Daily Muniq Challenge is exactly what you need. Lucky for you, our next challenge starts May 1st.
The Daily Muniq Challenge is the best way to incorporate Muniq into your lifestyle so you can reach your goals and sustain healthy habits for the long-term.
Plus, this is our very first challenge that includes more than our Shakes, which means Empowerfull or Bars (coming soon) count toward your daily Muniq intake!
As always, by participating in the challenge, you’ll have the chance to win exclusive Muniq swag, new products, and more! And you don’t want to miss out on all the fun we have in the community.
Are you ready for VIP support from the Muniq team, health tips and tricks, recipes, and fun prizes? Here’s how to get in on the action:
  1. Join the Muniq Lifers Community if you’re not already a member. There’s no cost to join!
  2. Sign up here for the May Daily Muniq Challenge!
As if you need even more convincing, here’s another quick message from Muniq Founder & CEO Marc Washington on why you should jump in this month’s Daily Muniq Challenge!
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