Join the March Shake-A-Day Community Challenge

Muniq founder and ceo holding a bag of Muniq shakes

As we roll into spring, there’s nothing more motivating than getting your Muniq game on point as the weather heats up. That’s why you need to join the Muniq March Shake-A-Day Challenge! It’s the ideal way to crush your health goals by using Muniq to build a daily habit that will equal long-term results down the road. 

As a bonus, we’ll have upgraded daily activities, and some truly unique prizes like our brand new Strawberry Shakes and pink strawberry-inspired Muniq t-shirts to challenge participants!

Ready for VIP support from the Muniq team, health tips and tricks, recipes, and fun prizes? Here’s how to get in on the action:

  1. Join the Muniq Lifers Community (if you’re not already a member)
  2. Sign up here for the March Shake-a-Day Challenge!

As if you need even more convincing, here’s another quick message from Muniq Founder & CEO Marc Washington on why you should just in this month’s Shake-a-Day Challenge! 

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Muniq Founder and CEO Marc Washington holding a bag of Muniq
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