Introducing Strawberry! The Absolutely Delicious New Muniq Shake Flavor

A picture of a strawberry shake and strawberries with a product bag

It’s the moment many of you have been waiting for: Muniq Strawberry Shakes are finally here! We’ve been hard at work on creating a new Strawberry flavor that is both deliciously fruity and creamy, sweet and tart, where every sip reminds you of refreshing strawberries and cream. We know you’re going to love Strawberry at first sip. Mmm…

The very best part is that Strawberry has all the same benefits as every other popular flavor of Muniq Shakes, where our patented blend of resistant starch goes to work on rebooting your metabolism to help improve glycemic control, weight loss, digestion, and control appetite. Some Muniq Lifers even see improved energy levels and better sleep!

An image describing benefits of a strawberry Muniq shake

With at least one Muniq Shake per day, you’re getting 15g of prebiotic fiber featuring resistant starch, 15g of high-quality protein (dairy or vegan), only 7g of net carbs, and zero added sugar. And that resistant starch fiber blend goes to work to completely rewire your metabolic health, starting from the gut microbiome, where it produces anti-inflammatory byproducts like butyrate. This is where the magic happens to naturally stimulate hormones to control hunger, reduce glucose response and much more.

Strawberry Muniq is available in 14-serving bags and on-the-go single-serving packets. Try it today, in handy customizable subscriptions that let you take control of your shipments!

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