Video: How Muniq Customer Randall W. Dramatically Lowered His A1C & Blood Sugar

An image of a Muniq customer talking about his success

When Randall W. stumbled across an ad for Muniq, he was on three different medications aimed at controlling his blood sugar. At 52 years old, he’d been struggling with blood sugar control for a “very long time.”

But after drinking daily Muniq shake, he quickly realized that his Muniq journey was working in a big way. He went from experiencing blood sugar spikes in the 350-380 range to a very stable average of 120-125. 

Blown away by these results, he went to his doctor for the real test — to see how his A1C levels had changed…and sure enough, Randall’s doc confirmed that his A1C had dropped from 8.8 to 6.3 (that’s a 28% reduction!) and he reduced the dosage for one of Randall’s blood sugar control medications.  

Randall’s success with his daily Muniq is truly an inspiration…and most importantly, it’s getting him closer to his big goal: getting off his blood sugar medications completely

He wants to make sure that anyone who’s struggling or not seeing results right away knows that if you “keep at it — Muniq works!”

We’re so impressed by your dedication and continued hard work, Randall! Keep it up. 

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