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A Black founder and his family
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As a founder & CEO of a Black-owned health and wellness business, I feel a strong obligation to be a part of the solution to help close the pervasive health disparities for minorities and the Black community specifically.

The latest examples of devastating injustices against Black Americans, including the senseless and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and most recently, George Floyd, have added to the already ‘critical condition’ within the Black community.

As a Black man/husband/father/son, I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions recently — sadness, pain, and exhaustion to name a few — but also inspiration and motivation to make a positive difference for the Black community.

I created Muniq to increase people’s hope, health and happiness by addressing ‘underlying conditions’ that disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities. There is such a pervasive feeling of frustration and powerlessness among so many suffering from health issues that are largely driven by factors beyond their control — including unequal access to medical care, lesser quality of care, income inequality, etc. We are committed now, more than ever, to provide effective and accessible solutions, education, and resources that empower people to regain control of their health. 

While it’s promising to see that many have publicly denounced racism and affirmed their belief that Black lives do indeed matter, so much more action is necessary. Addressing the vast disparities in health outcomes for minorities and Black communities is a critical step toward achieving greater equality, and one that I feel particularly passionate about. 

I want to express Muniq’s unwavering commitment to equality and support for the Black community. In addition to offering products that can help people make transformative changes in their lives, we are committed to making our website even more of a resource and tool to help anyone regain control of their health given the urgent need for solutions, awareness, and education. 

I appreciate your support of Muniq and other black-owned businesses that are helping transform the health and lives of the Black community.

  1. If anyone can make a positive difference in the world it’s Marc Washington! Thanks for your commitment to building a company with a bigger purpose.

  2. What a wonderful thing you are doing for our community. I as well am a black woman business owner I very strongly about everything that is going on I pray we all can make a difference.

  3. In these trying times, have faith in the fact that no matter the skin color, there are so many more good people than bad.

    I am in a losing battle with diabetes and more overweight than ever and honestly had given up until just moments ago when I happened upon Muniq via a Facebook video, now I’m hopeful that I too will have success as others have had with your product.


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